An Overview on Golf Clubs

Feb 2017

The sport of golf has been around for a long time.It has been played in Scotland at the time of the Medieval Age. It was originally played by hitting a leather ball with a wooden stick. The purpose of which is to bring the ball to a distant target place. It became internationally known in the late 19th century.

From its rather crude beginning golf has become a very sophisticated sport, which requires great skill, efficient equipment, and good strategy-building. The evolution of the game itself, as well as the equipment was remarkable, especially the improvement of the golf clubs.

The earliest version of a golf club was whatever king of wood was available in the vicinity at that time.

GolfFor a time Hickory wood was the standard material for making golf clubs until it was developed into steel and graphite later on. This development caused golf clubs to be technologically engineered for better performance. With slight and major tweaks, a standard golf club can turn into a potentially maximized one, because of its build, materials, design, and utilization.

From the point when there is only one kind of golf club, which is the crude stick version, golfers now have highly refined clubs that have left the crude stick behind by kilometers. Unlike the one-piece structure of an ancient club, the modern golf club is composed of 5 parts.

These are the grips, shafts, hosels, ferrules, and club heads. All of which play an important role in the entirety of the club, and as a whole, the sport. Grips provide traction for the hands, as well as some types of grips aid in the finger placement of the players. The shaft, depending on what materials it is made of and its length, affect the forgiveness and flex of a club. The most important part is the club head, as it is the part that actually makes contact with the ball. The accuracy of a hit is affected by the design, materials, and angle of the head.

Aside from the different categories of golf clubs (which are wood, iron, hybrid, and putter), a golfer can also choose from Rockbottomgolf, a variety of golf clubs under those categories. Numbers pertaining to the loft indicate the differences of loft and distance of a hit a club can make. In every aspect of the game (loft, forgiveness, length of a hit), the parts affect the efficiency of a hit.

Because of the present-day popularity of golf, athletes are encouraged to try the sport. Golf clubs are great investments for casual and professional players alike. For both kinds of players, it is ideal to try custom-fitted clubs in order for the golfer to maximize the potentials of a club. Different alterations on the measures of the parts can be done to accommodate the needs, style, and handicaps (if there is one) of the player. However, enthusiastic golfers tend to use their equipment more often. Maintenance is the best way to keep the clubs in top shape.

golf bagDuring a game, a golfer must clean the clubs after a few rounds to make sure that dirt would harden on the surface. After using the clubs, clean the face thoroughly with warm water and soap, then dry using towels. Wipe the grips with damp cloths and inspect it for cracks, worn out areas, and damaged portions. It is wise to use head covers for storage as it protect the head from external forces that may damage it. Ideally, clubs should be stored indoors to avoid excessive heating and cooling. Heat can cause adhesives to melt reduce its effect; cold and damp may cause steel parts to rust. Both situations damage the clubs permanently.


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