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Why Join Us

The Community is a great place to share or exchange ideas with the other website users. Your voice can be heard in the Community. If you have any information that you think will be beneficial to the other community members, you may share it with us.

It is always fun and exciting to talk to people that you share the same interests with. This Community is built to bring all our website users together.

We wish to involve you with our activities and the Community is the perfect place for us to reach out to our readers. We would like to hear what our users think about the site. This an avenue where users can discuss the things that they like most about the website and the things that we must need to improve on.

Comments and suggestions from our users are highly encouraged and we promise to respond to them as soon as we can.

To create a fun environment, we will also post our monthly activities on the community page. Any upcoming games, events, contests and promotions that are related to our site will be made available in the Community. Every community member is welcome to join.

This community also has links to various social media sites which makes it easier for you to share interesting topics with your friends. You also have an option to register in this community using your log on details in any of the networking site that you are part of.

Rules in Using the Community Page

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  • Excessive commercial solicitation is not allowed.
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  • Do not provide post any personal information on the forum.
  • Please take note that the opinions expressed by the community members on the site do not reflect the view of the site.